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Alex Kaplan

IBM Education
Chief Strategist
Orange County, California Area
Alex is passionate about the power of education to transform lives and help people realize their full potential. He believes artificial intelligence, blockchain, analytics and other advanced technologies are essential tools to facilitate personalized learning at scale. His career has been spent thinking about and working on the application of these technologies to support education institutions and lifelong learning.  As a serial technology entrepreneur in transformative education technology businesses, he has a deep understanding of what does and does not work. Through his various roles as CEO, leader of sales and professional services organizations, and product development teams he values those activities that make a real difference in the hands of education stakeholders. Alex has been fortunate to work with leading firms in the field, like IBM, Apple, Sesame and Pearson, in thinking about and implementing transformative programs. He enjoys connecting with ed tech leaders on transforming education through advanced technologies.  Sessions he have participated in at Harvard University, Columbia University, IBM Research and many others have been a great opportunity to both share and provoke conversations. Alex is on a continual quest to learn more about technology and education, and work with others that share a similar passion.